St. Charles’ first and premier training facility. Est. 2008.

Effective workouts. Unmatched support. Unbelievable results. 

CrossFit St. Charles, established in 2008, is the premier CrossFit and strength and conditioning gym in St. Charles. Exercise and fitness are a part of a healthy, happy, productive life, so we provide a training experience that shapes the body you want and enhances the life that you want to live. Discover your physical and mental potential with CrossFit St. Charles. 

We pride ourselves on our services. From the training programs to the coaches and the community spirit, the CrossFit St. Charles experience is unmatched. The coaching staff has the depth of knowledge to design programs that provide efficient results and the experience and drive to execute and guide our members through their workouts in a fun, motivating way. We are experts in our field; no matter your experience level or interest, we will guide you through your personal athletic journey to meet your goals. 

We care extraordinarily about every person that walks through our doors; we strive to ensure that with every workout, everyone walks out better than they walked in. CrossFit St. Charles is your place to put in the work, celebrate the achievements, connect with a community of like-minded people all working to make the best of their potential and improve their lives.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

Ralph Marston

Find your fitness. Discover your potential. Try CrossFit St.Charles.

Our Training Ground

CrossFit St. Charles is fully-equipped, industrial and minimalist in design to facilitate fun, focused and constantly-varied workouts. We have everything we need to program workouts inspired by traditional CrossFit methodology, and more than your average CrossFit box to mix it up and keep you on your toes. Crossfit St. Charles is a well equipped gym that also has the tools for Strongman WODs and a Weightlifting room stocked with York barbells and kilo weights.

  • It's the favorite part of my day! To have found a place that is empowering, encouraging, and full of amazing people is priceless. I love this place!

    Ashley H.

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