Careers at CrossFit St. Charles

CrossFit St. Charles Career Opportunities

At CrossFit St. Charles, our focus in on our members. We are aware that for the person looking
in our windows it may be daunting to walk into a CrossFit gym for the first time. For the newest
members the challenge may be changing their habits and lifestyles, and for the seasoned
athlete to balance their fitness goals with family, friends and work.

While outwardly fitness is our main concern, it does not stop there. We offer a strong community
of supportive coaches, staff and members to welcome each new athlete. We offer experiences
and success to build confidence in people of all ages.

We do not judge by athletic ability but welcome a commitment to working towards improvement.
We strive to build relationships with our members to celebrate where they are today in order to
improve tomorrow.

We are interested in staff who will always think of the member first. We must think of our
members experience from the moment they walk into the door until they leave. Our staff must
be friendly, caring and enthusiastic about helping our members reach their goals.
Are you prepared to create the best hour of someone’s day?
Fill out this form to inquire about our Internship, Coaching and staff opportunities.

- Team St.Charles

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