Success Stories


Our members inspire us daily. Take a look at some of the inspiring stories from our very own community members. We’re excited to share them with you and can’t wait to be a part of your own fitness story!

  • Jayne G.

    “Actually, I can do CrossFit”

  • Mark B.

    “Six months, no smoking. Six months of CrossFit. I feel like I got my lungs back…”

  • Michelle W.

    …and then my life changed!

  • John

    Watch John’s inspiring Testimonial!

  • Jason R.

    I started crossfit because i wanted to find a healthier version of me. In doing so, my love for competition has been rekindled, which I’m enjoying. I’ve enjoyed making new friends with people in this fitness community and am constantly inspired by the people i follow on a regular basis.  I couldn’t do this alone. My people from CrossFit St. Charles , new friends, friends I’ve reconnected with over exercise and my awesome wife Rebecca,  have made a great support system. There’s no doubt I’ve put in a ton of work not only in the WOD s but in reprogramming how I think about food as well. I’ve still got a long way to go but I do appreciate the token of recognition along the way.

  • Ashley H.

    It’s the favorite part of my day! To have found a place that is empowering, encouraging, and full of amazing people is priceless. I love this place!

  • Heather R.

    From the moment I stepped in I was embraced by a family, led by coaching skill to be and achieve my personal best, and encouraged by all to be my strongest physically, mentally, and emotionally. As with many I’m a mom, wife, and full-time professional and still after four years I continue to come to what is my happy place to be surrounded by a community, a family, with a shared passion for health, life, and desire to achieve what I can achieve. Thank you CrossFit St. Charles!

  • Mike T.

    The Crossfit community has amazing gyms around the world and CFSC is a great example of just that. The investment of continued training and true desire to bring the best out of each coach is evident in everything they do from coaching a class to discussing your personal and fitness goals. There are roughly 9 or 10 Crossfit gyms between my house and CFSC yet I make that drive to benefit from their specialty strongman classes.


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